12/14/17: New health effects warning.

More proof that cell phone/wi-fi/smart meter frequencies are dangerous.

Even newspapers in Fresno, CA are starting to take notice that good science shows

there is danger in common wireless devices. All while the federal government pushes

there use for the new "5G". See the article here.

4/8/17: Illinois group takes lawsuit to Federal Appeals Court.

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness is taking their federal civil rights lawsuit to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals! 

The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Privacy International have joined them in the fight.

Click here to see the latest from their web site.

3/27/17: GENERATION ZAPPED documentary needs completion funding!

From the film maker, Sabine El Gemayel:

"This is our LAST ASK for finishing funds. The film will be done in 6 weeks! It’s around the corner!  

The goal is to raise 35K for the legal fees, animation, color timing and sound mix.  

Should you feel inclined, you may take action TODAY by making a tax deductible donation at:  


I appreciate your help in raising awareness and ensuring the health and safety of future generations."

2/23/17: We Are The Evidence organization seeks to establish Electro-Sensitivity (ES) as a valid medical condition.

Go to their site to learn more!

If you feel the effects of wireless technology - cell towers, wifi, smart meters, etc. you are NOT crazy.

11/1/16: New documentary to focus on negative health effects of wireless technology.

GENERATION ZAPPED production is coming down the home stretch. Here is their Kickstarter page. See the trailer and choose to help finish the film.

From the website:

"(The) film investigates the growing body of research on the alarming health risks associated with wireless technology, as well as what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Telecom Industry don’t want you to know."

3/23/16: Berkeley California passes cell phone warning ordinance.

All devices using this frequency range - cell phones, WIFI, smart meters, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. may be dangerous. Link

2/21/16: Two new health-related videos have been added.

Silicon Valley engineer develops EHS and goes public with TEDx presentation.  Link

ABC News Australia has a report on the research surrounding the health effects of wireless technology.  Link

Go to our Videos page.

1/21/16: More on CDC and negative health effects of cell phones.

...the Interphone Study Group did eventually acknowledge that "heavy users" of cell phones had an approximately doubled risk of glioma, a life threatening and often-fatal brain tumor, after 10 years of cell phone use.

...their definition of a "heavy user" —someone using a cell phone for two to two and a half hours per month!’s not unusual for Americans to spend that long on their cell phones every day in 2016, although a 2014 Nielsen study put average usage at about 34 hours a month.


1/2/16: CDC backs off cell phone warning. Are they succumbing to industry pressure?

The New York Times reports on the internal controversy regarding the frequencies used by cell phones, wifi and smart meters. Link

12/29/15: Federal officials concerned that grid is hackable via Smart Meters.

Smart meters – which nearly 50% of Americans use to measure electricity usage for their homes – are also vulnerable to hacking. Link

11/30/15: U.K. teen, suffering from EHS, ignored by school administrators, commits suicide.

Jenny Fry had crippling headaches and bladder problems and battled tiredness.  Link

10/26/15: Study finds link between cell towers and health.

Cellphone technology uses the same frequencies as Smart Meters. Japanese study concludes: "The results of these examinations and interviews indicate a connection between adverse health effects and electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone base stations." Link

4/7/15: New study shows possible hearing damage from exposure to RF signal. Link to abstract.

Effects of chronic exposure to electromagnetic waves on the auditory system.
CONCLUSION: The results support that chronic electromagnetic field exposure may cause damage by leading to neuronal degeneration of the auditory system.

3/20/15: New study shows cell phones cause cancer in mice.

German study replicates previous study's findings. Low levels shown to be worse! Former health effects-denier is lead author in study. Link to article.

3/15/15: We are adding links to other Documentaries.

See our Documentaries page with links to Full Signal and Take Back Your Power.

1/1/2015: POLITICO Reports on Smart Meter Privacy.

The next Big Data threat to our privacy may come from the electricity we consume in our homes.

“Smart” online power meters are tracking energy use — and that data may soon be worth more than the electricity they distribute.

Link to Article.

11/21/2014: NSA Says Multiple Countries Are Actively Seeking To Take Down The Power Grid.

China and "probably one or two other" countries have the capacity to shut down the nation's power grid and other critical infrastructure through a cyber attack...

Link to Article.

8/1/2014: Canadian Smart Meter FAIL. Ordered Removed.      

Saskakchewan Province Orders All Meters Removed. Cost soars to $47,000,000 !

Link to Article 1.   Link to Article 2.   Link to Article 3.

7/19/2014: More News About The Health Dangers Of EMF Exposure. 

Electrosensitivity a Pre-Alzheimer’s State? Link to Article.

Electromagnetic intolerance elucidated.  Link to Article.

7/15/2014: The Case Against Wireless Safety Continues To Mount. Good video from Portland School Board meeting.

4/11/2014: Smart Meter programs are failing around the world. 

Costs far outweigh benefits.

Click here to see the article.

2/2/2014: New French documentary on Electro-Sensitivity.

Click here to go to the film site.

1/20/2014: Here it comes. Google continues to work its way into your private life. Your home will soon be a giant iPhone.

Click here to see the article in Market Watch.

1/19/2014: New Documents page added to this website.

Providing documented evidence that RF -  Cell phones, WiFi, Smart Meters and other similar wireless technologies - may be hazardous to our Security, your Privacy, your Health & Safety, and have nothing to do with Choice.


12/13/2013: Danish school kids prove Wi-Fi, cell phone, smart meter radiation is harmful to living things.   Click here to see the article.

10/5/2013: Website shows how real smart meter data from Naperville IL utility CAN be used to spy on your activity in your home.
Click here
to see the details.


9/5/2013: "Take Back Your Power" is now available for DVD purchase
or immediate online streaming at

Watch Take Back Your Power now!
Click the link below:

Take Back Your Power


7/20/2013: New White House Petition !

"Allow public to opt-out of smart meters without penalty & keep their analog meters. To investigate RF health effects."

Go NOW to the Site Link below to sign the petition !

Site Link.


7/13/2013: Link to page for those with Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS)

Site Link.


7/13/2013: Good video shows Dirty Electricity.

Video Link.


7/13/2013: New informational website started.

Site Link.




If you’ve been harmed by smart meters or had safety problems call:

(800) 638-2772(800) 638-2772 FREE Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET

or submit your complaint on the web site or by email.*

Here’s the information you will need to provide:

  • A description of the product;
  • The name of the manufacturer;
  • A description of the injury, or death, or the risk of illness, injury, or death related to use of the product;
  • The date or estimated date when the incident occurred or when you first became aware of the potential for the product to act in an unsafe manner;
  • You will also need to provide a description of who you are, for example, consumer, health care professional, a government agency;
  • Your name and mailing address
  • and permission to publish your Report on
  • Finally your verification that the Report is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge, information, and belief.

Once the CPSC receives your complaint they will send a report back to you for your review and consent. It will then go to the manufacturer where they will have to respond in ten days. After that depending on the number of complaints the compliance office receives, they will decide if the products should be recalled!

* PLEASE NOTE: Initial smart meter complaints sent by email to the CPSC were rejected. Calls to the CPSC today (6/25/13) confirmed that the CPSC is taking reports on smart meter harms. If your complaint was rejected please persist and follow up with a phone call. Also we learned in order to reach a decision for a recall they may work with other federal agencies such as the Department of Energy. Be assured however that the CPSC is the agency to handle the product complaints.


7/9/2013: Can a Smart Meter KILL you?


7/2/2013: Your Smart Meter IS spying on you:

Read the article here.

4/28/2013: Australia officially goes down the Direct Load Control path:

Due to the introduction of Smart Meters, power companies in Australia are now proposing to switch off house-hold appliances during peak periods in order to reduce electricity consumption and reduce costs.

In what could be described as an initiative that the totalitarian government depicted in George Orwell’s 1984 would implement, the proposal seeks to target Australian homes that use appliances such as air-conditioners and TV’s during extreme weather (hot or cold) in order to reduce costs and total electricity consumption.

However, even more alarming than the prospect of having air-conditioning systems of the elderly shut down during periods of extreme heat is the fact that the Australian Federal Government now seeks to have all new appliances produced after June 2014 fitted with an inbuilt switch that would allow power companies to shut them down.

See the full article here.


4/12/2013: Citizens file suit based on health effects of smart meters

A group of citizens have teamed up with a law firm to file suit against PG&E for the negative health effects resulting from smart meter installations.  Watch the video here to learn about the health effects, the lawsuit and how you can join.


3/12/2013: Updates to this site:

The Issues: Security & Privacy page has new information about cybersecurity.

The Issues: Health & Safety page has new information about "Dirty Electricity" and EHS - Electro-Hypersensitivity.


3/11/2013: See Naperville Smart Meter Awareness sight for news on unbelievable behavior of Naperville City Council's running of PURPA hearings:

Link to their site here.


3/11/2013: Naperville Councilman Krause offers reasonable compromise:

Councilman Doug Krause, up for re-election in April, has finally offered a draft for a new Municipal Code for the city that would allow residents to have an old-fashioned analog electric meter.  See the letter here.


3/11/2013: Maine Coalition to Stop Smart Meters sends letter to Naperville government:

See the letter here.



Pictured above: Member of Naperville Police Department (some call them City Council Goon Squad) takes citizen into custody for attempting to protect our civil rights.

1/24/13:  City Of Naperville Illinois Is Now Officially A Police State: The Naperville Police Department is now accompanying the smart meter installers - as many as four officers together -  to force the alledgedly unlawful, dangerous "smart" meters on resisting citizens.  This is being done while the Federal lawsuit is still pending. No warrants have been reported as being issued to justify this behavior.  Two stay-at-home moms were arrested for attempting to protect a home and video the police and installers in action.

Here is the news article from CBS News. Article link.


7/15/2012: Watch this video and read this article before you say "Yes. Please connect my house to your electric grid network."  Listen closely.  These guys mention the electric grid several times.

News Link.


5/23/2012: Virtual Terrorism: Al Qaeda Video Calls for 'Electronic Jihad'

News Link.


3/2/2012: Naperville, IL is offering an "opt-out" for the wireless smart meter.  It is a non-wireless smart meter.  It still spies on you, it just doesn't transmit what it learns through the air.  For this "privilege" they want to charge $68.35 for installation and $24.75 per month to read the meter.  Naperville's own web site claims "lower meter reading expenses" as the first "key benefit for utility operations" listed.  How can this be true?  Electric meters and water meters are currently read by the same person at the same time.  That person will still have to come around and read the water meter.  That same person will also read the "opt-out" meter.  HOW IS THAT A SAVINGS?  WHY SHOULD A CUSTOMER SUDDENLY HAVE TO PAY FOR HAVING A METER READER CONTINUE TO COME TO THEIR HOME THE WAY THE ALWAYS HAVE?


1/8/2012: Apparently the fight is on in Naperville, IL.  The Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group is reporting that if residents refuse installation of a smart electric meter that the installer will return with a POLICE ESCORT!  Naperville continues to install meters despite the pending lawsuit in federal court.  All this and a long list of conflicts of interest are outlined in the NSMA article here. The TribLocal report is available here.


1/2/2012: On December 30,2011 residents of the city of Naperville, IL filed suit in federal court against the city for forced implementation of Smart Meters. See the court documents here. Local group cites health, privacy and safety concerns including violations of Illinois and United States constitutions.

Providing documented evidence that RF -  Cell phones, WiFi, Smart Meters and other similar wireless technologies - may be hazardous to our Security, your Privacy, your Health & Safety, and have nothing to do with Choice.